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For Microsoft Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions Is the Marketing Automation Tool of Choice.

Gill Walker offers ClickDimensions training to Power up your marketing


Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Integrating a website into Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most common queries from marketers using Microsoft Dynamics 365. ClickDimensions - Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the solution.

ClickDimensions sits between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and your website - pretty much regardless of the website platform.  From here it allows you to

  • send personalised marketing emails to leads, contacts and prospects - at the same time, if required - using your Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing lists
  • bring leads who visit your website into your Dynamics 365
  • run marketing campaigns on autopilot
  • analyse all the results of your efforts using a myriad of in-built reporting

Visualise the results from your marketing efforts

ClickDimensions provides impressive website statistics and allows you to execute marketing campaigns to communicate with your prospects and clients via newsletters and emails, as well as track their progress. You can discover which pages are of interest to a prospect when they visit your website. You can automatically add a prospect to a campaign whenever they demonstrate enough interest in your website. The campaign automation feature means that an early-stage prospect will receive multiple email contacts from you without you having to do anything - it's genuinely a set-and-forget campaign. Given that current prospects want to conduct their research before receiving contact from you, this type of automation is critical if you're going to get the most out of your team's efforts.

With ClickDimensions handling a lot of the heavy lifting, your team can focus on developing fantastic content and communicating to the prospects who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

The Financial Times named ClickDimensions one of the Americas' Fastest-Growing Companies in 2020, and it gives you all the marketing power you need from inside Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Get the highest-rated marketing solution on Microsoft's Dynamics Marketplace! - as used by many of Microsoft Dynamics 365's significant users, including Opsis, of course.

Gill teaches Email marketing in ClickDimensionsWithout leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can send emails to Leads, Contacts, and Accounts simultaneously.

  • Personalization to the max - any data within your Dynamics 365 can be used to personalise your communications
  • Tracking and reporting on delivery, bounces, opens, and clicks - so you know exactly how your marketing efforts are working
  • Split testing (A/B) - so you can compare two variants of communication to ensure the best possible results
  • ClickDimensions provides a range of different editors ranging from a simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor to a full HTML editor.
  • ClickDimensions provides ready-made templates and you can bring in existing templates to save time.
  • CRM tracks and reports on all email activity. 

Assisting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with data collection from your web

  • Web data collection and tracking – direct to Microsoft Dynamics 365 View the websites your Contacts and Leads have visited.
  • Create custom landing pages and web forms that send data straight to your Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Data can be collected from your existing website forms.
  • You can get a complete picture of your possibilities by using social discovery.
  • Design your landing pages and publish them

  • Take advantage of web intelligence, which is available 24 hours a day and can tell you exactly how well your website performs. Dynamics 365 is a software program that allows you to manage.

With ClickDimensions, your prospects are nurtured until they are ready to buy from you

• To enhance touchpoints and cultivate relationships, create campaign automation programs (drip marketing).
• Assess your prospects based on the activities that are most important to you.
• Assign Leads and Contacts to salespeople and alert them automatically, so they act on the prospect while it is still relevant.

Additional options include:

  • SMS messaging
  • Surveys
  • Event Management via integration with GoToWebinar, WebEx, and Eventbrite


Everything is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365

There's no need for a separate login or even a different product because everything is built right into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, you simply have more marketing alternatives - new capability with the same appearance and feel. Additionally, all of your marketing data is stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing you to report on both ClickDimensions and Dynamics 365 data.

You won't identify where Microsoft Dynamics 365 ends and ClickDimensions begins because it's so simple.
Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as CRM 2016, CRM 2015, and CRM 2013 are all fully compatible with ClickDimensions (and even CRM 4.0, CRM 2011)


In addition to ClickDimensions setup and configuration, the Opsis team can assist you with training, customisation of ClickDimensions so it really works for you, and more!

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