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Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickDimensions

This is a more technically focussed presentation than this title has been previously and includes a high level comparison of Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions.

Gill Walker delivered this presentation for the Brisbane Dynamics 365 user group - Gill was at home in Sydney and the user group members and guests joined her via Microsoft Teams.

Gill covers a brief evolution of the product that we now know as Microsoft Dynamics 365, shows what marketing automation is and then provides a whistle stop tour of the functionality of ClickDimensions. She concludes with a comparison of Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions and their pricing models.

If you would like help with your ClickDimensions, or you would like to know if ClickDimensions is the right marketing automation solution for you, please reach out to me.

Overview Demo of Sales functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365

I ran an online overview demo of Dynamics 365 for clients of CTO training in Queensland which is here

Seven Sins of Dynamics 365 Training

Gill presented the 'Seven Sins of Dynamics 365 training' to the Women's BizApps group in Sydney.

Don’t let COVID-19 derail your CRM project

derailment 800x540

The world has changed – almost overnight. Your team, are now working from home - for many people this is a novelty experience and some may be struggling to keep everything on track. Here's three things that you can readily do in our current working environment – which will keep your CRM implementation project on track.

Transcript of 'Don't let COVID-19 derail your CRM project' - for those who prefer to read

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