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How much is information leaking from your business costing you?

Information loss can bring an organisation to its knees - the cost of recovery may be so massive.  No organisation is immune to information loss.  However you can minimise both the amount of information loss that is happening and the potential consequences of that loss, if you have processes that manage your information.  A CRM solution is likely to be a big part of this for your customer sales and prospect information.

Information loss tends to fall into two categories.  There is the slow, steady information loss which occurs because people forget things that they believe that they will remember, and the sudden relatively large loss of information that occurs when a person who has kept their information in some sort of personal store leaves the organisation.

Having CRM processes that are easy to follow protects you and your organisation from both of these risks.

The CRM processes must be designed so that they:

  • are easy, straightforward and logical for the users to use
  • provide the information needed by all users of the solution, both day to day users of CRM, and the users of the consolidated information  - reports and dashboards - that the system should deliver.
Achieving this sort of processes requires that both technical and business people are involved in the scoping of the CRM solution.  For more information on how we recommend that you approach your CRM scoping please look at our scoping workshop . Scoping sm

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