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Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and ClickDimensions Training

Effective training ensures that all team members have the skills to create your CRM success

Your CRM Success starts with sharpening the saw and sharpening the saw means upskilling your team members so they can perform their best.

Training is a part of any successful CRM project - from start to finish. Good Microsoft Dynamics 365 training ensures that you receive the best possible design for your project. This means that the CRM that you create really does help your users - rather than being an overhead.  When time is saved by omitting training, far more time will be lost later.  This is why we remind our clients abut the value of sharpening the saw at the start of the project.  Effective training starts the project well.

Opsis provide a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions training including:

  • Technical Training - for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions
  • Advanced Training - for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions
  • End User training
  • Train the CRM / Dynamics 365 Trainer

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Technical training ensures that all of your technical team understand the options available to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 fit your business requirements.  Participants learn how and why certain techniques should be used - and NOT used!  Opsis technical training also includes courses which target specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE exams and awards.  We also provide courses on specific more advanced topics, for your power users who want to know more.

Opsis Advanced Training allows users to explore specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in more detail. 

End user training guarantees that your users are confident in using the new CRM solution once you've gone live.  Opsis' end user trainin is based on 

  • Your system
  • Your processes
  • Your data

Opsis is Sydney's only dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and ClickDimensions training provider. Opsis training is:

  • Flexible
  • Friendly
  • Focused - and perhaps even
  • Fun

Meet your Opsis trainer

Gill trainer smWith Opsis, your instructor will be a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a real-world CRM consultant — who has witnessed the good, bad, and ugly of Dynamics 365 implementations. We create our very hands-on training materials and focus on the why and how of employing specific functionality or strategies. While our training will surely assist you in passing Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams, it does not solely help you pass certification exams. Opsis' Dynamics 365 training resources are designed to assist you in using and deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the real world.

Challenge your thinking and build your Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform & ClickDimensions skills

Gill Walker challenging training participants about solutions

At Opsis, we are experts in getting the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and ClickDimensions. Opsis training will also challenge the participants to think about why particular techniques are good - or not good!  With the right Opsis Microsoft Dynamics 365 training, you make the most of your Dynamics 365 and gain independence, allowing you to manage the majority, if not all, of your Dynamics 365 on your own going forward.



Opsis courses are for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premise

Opsis provides a variety of Dynamics 365 courses to meet all your training needs before and after your CRM implementation. We offer public and private training sessions.  Our private training courses are usually held at your location, and are exclusive to your team members.


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Opsis is an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and CRM strategy consulting company. Our focus is your CRM success, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Power Platform or any CRM technology - not licence sales or billable hours. As Principal CRM Success Catalyst, Gill oversees all business operations, strategic planning and execution, yet she still believes in offering personal attention to each and every client, so as to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions.  We are based in Sydney, with clients in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia.  Gill is the creator of SuccessRM - your blueprint for CRM success.  We offer:

  • Strategy for your successful CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
    • scoping
    • implementation
    • technical support
    • training
    • consulting, advice and guidance
    • assistance with your centre of excellence
  • Mentoring for CIOs and other decision makers tasked with implementing CRM.