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Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365


Gill Walker teaches configuration of Dynamics 365Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it perfectly fit your business. It is that layer that makes it work for your process and your users – just like this house has been improved for current owners. The changes are subtle but make all the difference.Making CRM fit your business processes is essential for user adoption.  So, configuration - no-code customisation - is part of almost all CRM projects using Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly configurable technology – however, there are good ways, and less good ways, of solving any particular business challenge. Knowing the range of possible options, and being able to decide which is the best for any given situation, taking into consideration your range of users and the reason for the change, will help to ensure that your Dynamics 365 achieves and maintains user adoption.

This three-day, hands-on course is perfect for people who want to understand how to make changes to Dynamics 365 so it better suits their business processes.  This course will show you the options available to you and show you why each is appropriate (or not) as well as how to use them.  This course does not include coding.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Configuration - no-code customisation - is a valuable skill to have if you are, or want to be, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analyst, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architect, or a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Analyst.

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • An understanding of how to manage the configuration (no code customisation) of Dynamics 365
  • The ability to create and manage the security of Dynamics 365
  • The skills to give different users access to different data and functions
  • An understanding of the various techniques for making Dynamics 365 match your business processes
  • The skills to visualise your Dynamics 365 CRM data on dashboards and charts

This course pairs well with our Automation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 course.

Target Audience for Configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • People wanting to understand how they can configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 - project owners and business analysts - who analyse and work out business needs and then configure Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Technical Implementers, including developers, implementation consultants, technical support personnel, and system administrators, who need to understand how to make changes to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Managers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analysts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Architects and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Analysts.

Course Length

Three days

Course Overview

This course covers the skills required to configure your instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provides the knowledge to understand which of the configuration options is the best for a particular requirement and why each should be used.  The broad topics are:

  • Security Model
  • Changing the look and feel to meet your unique needs
  • Data visualisation


The Security Model of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Understanding Business Units
  • Managing users for Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Security Roles
  • Teams

Gill Walker Configuration of Dynamics 365

Changing the look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Solutions in Dynamics 365
  • Tables / Entities in Dynamics 365
  • Fields / columns in Dynamics 365
  • Relationships between Tables
  • Views
  • Working with Forms
  • Business Rules
  • Field security

Additional Security options in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Auditing

Introduction to Data Visualisation in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Creating System Charts
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Creating more complex charts by editing the XML


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